Why I Hate Fishing

Fishing was one of dad's favorite past times. It got him out of the house and put food on the table. Hard to find issue with that. However, his quest for fresh fish would often override his common sense and parental instincts. One incident involved smelt fishing.

Smelt is a little tiny fish that travel in large numbers during early spring. You catch them with nets. These little fish are pretty tasty, BUT, if you've ever been forced to fish for them, you might want to consider a McDonald's cheeseburger instead.

The smelt run is usually in April. April in Wisconsin is still basically Winter but with a sloppy wet layer of melt on top of the snow and ice. So taking a 5 year old out on the edge of an icy pier during high winds while it is snowing, handing her a dip net, and telling her to scoop up as many fish as possible while leaning over the side might not be a good way to win a "Father of the Year" award.

I did live through the experience, but now my sons can read this and understand why I never sent them to go fishing with grandpa.